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The company "KAROO-OCHSE" as it is known today saw its humble beginnings in Port Elizabeth during 1943 under the trading name of "Karoo Vleisbeurs". The name was changed to "KAROO LEWENDE HAWE" in 1968 and finally with the take over of messrs W.L. Ochse during 1985 it was once again re-named to carry the Karoo-Ochse banner for which the company is so well known throughout South Africa.


1996 Saw major changes taking place with the then ownership's decision to sell off the different branches, each as an independent going concern. Management at each branch was given the option of exercising this right to purchase and the Port Elizabeth branch became independent with its current owners taking over under the pre-condition that trading may continue under the "KAROO-OCHSE" banner. The operation is know known as "F & M LEWENDE HAWE" trading as "KAROO-OCHSE PORT ELIZABETH".


FRANS FERREIRA (Executive director) who has been in the industry since January 1966 joined the organisation on the 1st of March 1972.
Home tel. 041 933 4392 Cell. 082 491 5194


SAMUEL FERREIRA (Director) joined the company 1st of March 2001
Home tel. 041 9334673 Cell. 083 377 4767

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